How We Are Reforming General Practice

Primary care needs to change due to a combination of financial pressures, workforce factors, increasing clinical complexity, increased clinical demand and the shift of services from hospital to community. We believe in delivering services built around the needs of the patient, rather than the workforce.

A Healthaction vanguard practice has the following features:

Opening Times

Opens at times which work best for the local community

Latest Technology

Uses new technology across all its activities

Direct Access

Delivers direct access to a multidisciplinary team which reflects the needs of the local community, we know one size doesn’t fit all

Sophisticated Triage

Runs a great front-of-house including sophisticated triage


Guarantees a minimum of 15-minutes for GP appointments

Population Health

Takes a ‘population-health’ approach with a broader focus on prevention and effective management of long term conditions to support appropriate self-care activities

The Right Healthcare

Ensures people see the right healthcare professional, when they need them.


Builds a recovery-focused ethos underpinned by a shared decision-making approach

Improved Outcomes

Offers a system of care which delivers improved outcomes for patients at a lower cost to the taxpayer