Healthaction Doctor features in new film!

Dr Sandra Oelbaum, Healthaction’s Medical Director is set to feature in a new film which will be showcased at this year’s Royal Society for Public Health awards in October 2016. Dr Oelbaum will be discussing her innovative new approach to the management of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) for those who are less likely to present in primary care settings for screening. The film will also showcase a wide range of work from Addaction.

Dr Oelbaum said “It is vital that we screen a broad range of people for COPD – the work at my clinic in Liverpool has illustrated this starkly – with around 50% of the heroin using patients I tested showing signs of COPD. This underserved population requires more equitable access to primary care, both to help and support them, and to alleviate the inevitable pressure on the NHS if their condition remains undiagnosed or worsens.”

Ian Merrill, Healthaction Director said “It is heartening to see this important work receiving recognition which is long overdue. Sandra’s pioneering work has doubtlessly saved lives”.