About Us

Healthaction is a not-for-profit primary care service provided by Addaction. Addaction is a registered charity.

Healthaction was established because we believe that current NHS primary care is unsustainable in its current form, but that the developing market in healthcare could threaten NHS and charitable values.

Healthaction is a vanguard provider committed to the core NHS values that health services should meet the needs of everyone; be free at the point of delivery and based on clinical need, not the ability to pay. We also firmly believe in the principle of patient choice. We focus on the outcomes which matter to patients.

We are part of the Addaction group, meaning we can deliver from a solid organisational platform.  We understand local commissioning priorities and we deliver responsive, bespoke and sustainable services to address the challenges faced by local communities.

As a social enterprise, we can deliver frontline clinical services with innovation, flexibility, and efficiency. We have general practice clinical leadership on our board, ensuring our care is safe and evidence-based.

What we do

Healthaction helps people to be the healthiest they can be. Our aim is to enrich communities by reaching hard-to-reach groups and serving people where and when they need us to by providing the highest possible quality GP services for the people of Liverpool.

We deliver services such as

  • Health checks for children and adults
  • Obesity services
  • Smoking cessation
  • Alcohol – brief advice, information and detoxification
  • Advice and guidance on physical activity
  • Screening (cancer, diabetes, HIV, STI)
  • A broad range of vaccinations
  • Contraception
  • Support for people with drugs and alcohol problems
  • Support for refugees and asylum seekers
  • Services for housebound elderly patients
  • Tailored services for people with mental health problems

Our high quality GP services also deliver

  • Care for long term conditions
  • Medicines management
  • Excellent clinical leadership and clinical governance
  • Collaboration with community partners
  • Care of acute conditions
  • Great access to primary care and timely referral to secondary care
  • Reduced hospital admissions and getting people home via our streamlined modelling

“Helping people to be the healthiest they can be by providing high quality GP services”

How We Are Reforming General Practice

Primary care needs to change due to a combination of financial pressures, workforce factors, increasing clinical complexity, increased clinical demand and the shift of services from hospital to community. We believe in delivering services built around the needs of the patient, rather than the workforce.

A Healthaction vanguard general practice:

Opening Times

Opens at times which work best for the local community

Latest Technology

Uses new technology across all its activities

Direct Access

Delivers direct access to a multidisciplinary team which reflects the needs of the local community, we know one size doesn’t fit all

Sophisticated Triage

Runs a great front-of-house including sophisticated triage


Guarantees a minimum of 15-minutes for GP appointments

Population Health

Takes a ‘population-health’ approach with a broader focus on prevention and effective management of long term conditions to support appropriate self-care activities

The Right Healthcare

Ensures people see the right healthcare professional, when they need them


Builds a recovery-focused ethos underpinned by a shared decision-making approach

Improved Outcomes

Offers a system of care which delivers improved outcomes for patients at a lower cost to the taxpayer


At Healthaction, we are fully committed to continued improvement. We consistently offer the best to our patients, staff and stakeholders.

Our governance framework is compliant with a range of regulatory requirements and best practice guidance, such as that of the Care Quality Commission, the Scottish Care Inspectorate (including the underlining legislation), National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE), Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network (SIGN), Public Health England and Health Scotland.

Our parent company, Addaction is a registered charity in accordance with the Charities Act 1993. Our registered charity number is 1001957 in England and SCO40009 in Scotland. Our registered office is at 67-69 Cowcross Street, London, EC1M 6PU. We are overseen by the Charity Commission.

Addaction is also constituted as a private company limited by guarantee and is registered under the Companies Act 1985, number 02580377, to the address above. Addaction has a number of subsidiaries.

GP surgeries as community hubs

A Healthaction general practice delivers medical care and is also a hub for community health and wellbeing.

Building on our extensive experience working with people affected by addictions and supporting behaviour change, we use an asset based approach to grow sustainable community networks where people can really thrive.

Community navigators based in the surgery work with people and families to link them into their communities. The navigators link with communities so that the practice is really embedded in the community.

We believe in taking a radical new approach to the delivery of primary care – a model built around local people, self-care and behaviour change. Our services are built around the needs of our patients and the local community.